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The leading Thinking School that creates, together with the family, a caring, collaborative environment of learning and experience in which every child reaches and expands their potential and has the courage to make a difference in the future.


To deliver a progressive, holistic education applying Thinking Tools and methodologies to create critical thinkers who are reflective and responsive to global changes and trends.


The School’s philosophy is driven by its vision statement and revolves around the principle that all children are different. They have different personalities, different abilities and different backgrounds. Lesson material and lessons themselves are aimed at the different levels of competency within the classroom. The material presented is skill-based and the children are taught critical thinking strategies from a very early age. The emphasis is an interactive, child-centered approach with the teacher as facilitator. At all times the teachers are encouraged to use the varied resources at the school to enhance the delivery of the lessons. All children are allowed to work to their maximum ability. The teaching methodology at Broadhurst School is dynamic and up to date and reports indicate that our children have no difficulty in making the transition from one school to another throughout the world.

Broadhurst education is “skills” based and apart from the basic skills of Number, Reading and Writing, children are taught critical thinking skills, which involve a variety of cognitive processes. The emphasis of the school is not on providing children with volumes of facts but rather to equip the children with the skills to identify critical information, record it effectively and apply it appropriately. In Mathematics, carefully prepared material, along with skilled facilitating, allows the child to develop mathematical concepts and strategies.

The children are required to be respectful, polite and courteous. The children are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times and to adhere to the rules of the school. It is only within a friendly, happy and disciplined environment, that effective learning can take place. Children are different and the diverse curriculum at the school allows for this difference. The Afternoon activities programme allows the children access to a diverse range of activities.


The Broadhurst Family

Child-centred, caring: nurturing, community, togetherness, collaboration, global citizen, sustainability.


Accountability: introspection, honesty, transparency, self-discipline, reliability.


Fun, delight, adventurous, fanatical, enthusiasm, commitment, internal motivation.


Quality, educating, diligence.


Open-mindedness, tolerance, inclusion, appreciative of differences.


Open-mindedness, tolerance, inclusion, appreciative of differences.

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