Junior Primary Merits March 2022

Mrs. Mare gave some merits to the following children STD 1X:

Yunxi Deng, Leano Masisi, Eana Moepswa & Nthabeleng Nage for scoring full marks a short vowel practice worksheet.

Legae Setlang, Quishu Hamakoko, Kudzai, Kanotunga, Michelle Keitsile For lovely drawings showing the class room rules, using a Circle Map.

Ashley Isaacs, Anaya Kgosiesele, Janelle Mbojane For choosing the correct words from the wordbank to complete the phonics words.

Mrs. Coetzer gave some merits to the following children in STD 2X:

Andile Monareng & Sanjay Sandeep For thinking “out the box” and coming up with the correct answers in their White Rose Maths.

Ayaaz Khan & Deaglan Moremi For working diligently and writing well thought out sentences.

Melody Seokamo For trying to finish her work on time and for showing an improvement in her number bonds.

Simbarashe Muringi For settling into his new class with a positive attitude and working hard to produce good work.