The Spare Change Challenge

Saving up! –

We all want to be successful in life. We all want to be rich when we grow up, well one way to become that is to save up!
Saving up money is very important and that is why here at Broadhurst Primary School, we have the Spare Change Challenge, training us for our future.
The Spare Change Challenge will help a lot in our school. Think about all the epic things we can have. Playgrounds, more turf areas, picnic tables, plants, neatly painted walls, music instruments and much more. Do you want any of these? Well, let’s save up!
This challenge will teach us to take up responsibility in our personal lives, for example, there are these stunning shoes you really want, you don’t have to bug your parents to get them for you because now you know how to save.
Although we might be tempted to use the money for ourselves alone, it is good to help save up for the school also. Imagine how beautiful the school would look just because of your spare change.

Katlo Kgosidialwa

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