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Water is a precious resource but in the past years it has been taken for granted particularly in the western world. For argument’s sake about six weeks ago, Texas was hit by a major snowstorm resulting in power cuts and water shortages further resulting in “crisis’’. Almost every major news corporation was sending journalists to document citizens and residents of Texas complaining about how they need to fetch water just to bath while wiping the tears of their neck. They were acting like there are no people having to fetch water for something as simple as washing their plate after eating cassava, but who cares about those people they’ve been only doing it their whole lives. After all, it’s all they’ll ever know that they are poor.

I think they bought it on themselves because tech tycoons dump billions of tons of plastics ,metals and stuff which has more radiation for the area around Chernobyl and then buy medicine and build wells for poor people in Africa. So personally, I think as humans we should have more respect for water and take it more seriously. Then we would not waste it in the way we do now.

Fanilo Maluzo

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