White Rose Maths

Our whole school Mathematics syllabus is based on the
Australian curriculum, and our main resource is the White
Rose Maths Programme. The White Rose Maths (WRM)
programme is inspired and informed by the work of leading
Mathematics practitioners and researchers across the world.
The programme has a positive approach that focuses on
reinforcing number competency, while providing
opportunities to build reasoning and problem-solving into
each lesson. It has good progression of topic levels and also
encourages students to build confidence and resilience to
achieve in Mathematics. The programme emphasizes the CPA
(Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) approach as advocated for
learners by Piaget and Bruner.
The WRM programme offers online training courses for
teachers. Our teachers have completed three online courses:
Bar Modelling, Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) and
Thinking through Variations. The teachers have also had
successful Webinars conducted by WRM experts on:
Mathematical Talk and Questioning, Reasoning and
Problem-solving, and the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA)
Mathematical Talk and Questioning Webinar
This webinar looked at how to enhance a teacher’s modelling
and questioning skills and how to plan questions that
challenge students and deepen their understanding.
Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) method Webinar
This emphasized that concrete manipulation and pictorial
representation are powerful teaching and learning tools, when
it comes to developing a deep conceptual understanding of the
abstract notations. It explored a range of practical strategies
using a few essential resources and representations to
creatively support learning within Maths lessons across the
Reasoning and Problem-Solving Webinar
This webinar looked at why some students struggle with
problem-solving and how teachers can overcome these issues
through the use of goal free problems and enabling prompts.
Practical examples were used to explain how to support and
challenge all students within problem-solving, giving teachers
a variety of activities to take back to the classroom.

Mr. West Ntini
Maths Teacher

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