“Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds”

This year, we started our Book Week with a ‘Costume Day’ where the children had to dress up as characters from another world. A little escape from ours with the most fantastic aliens and robots. Life in the ‘Old World’ has changed dramatically and we are amazed at how our school has adapted to the ‘New World’, living through this pandemic.
Book Week was no different. We had to put on those green hats and come up with new ways of celebrating books and the culture of reading. Our children showed their Growth-Mindset, using the opportunity to embrace the changes. We observed all the protocols and what fun we had!
On Monday, our parents caught us reading and took photographs. We then had to spot ourselves on the display board and hand ourselves over to the library to claim a treat. The following day, we brought in new and used books for the Botswana Book Project, who collect books and give them to children around our country that do not have books.
Wednesday was met with excitement as we had to guess the total number of books there are in the Library (or a smaller section for the little ones). 23650 in total!!
On Thursday, we listened to celebrities reading through the Storyline Online channel on YouTube. We ended the week making bookmarks that had questions we could use to improve our reading skills. It was an amazing week and we certainly look forward to the next one!
Thank you to all the teachers, parents and children for making the week a success!!

Mrs. Meegan Inambao

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