The Covid-19 pandemic still remains a strain on
our everyday lives. The number of cases in our
country keeps rising and it has shown that the
risk associated with schools rises with the level
of community transmission. Since the
beginning of the second term till 25 June 2021,
the school has recorded only 10 positive
Covid-19 cases of which all were out of school

Our country has since revolved a vaccination
roll out programme, which is still on going, with
the aim of reducing risk of transmission and
spread of the pandemic.

Before the roll out, the country had acquired
30,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from
India, and later received a donation of the
Sinovac vaccine from China. Ahead of the roll
out of the second doses, the country’s Ministry
of Health and Wellness said it would dispatch
teams across the country to give guidance to
all who are due for their second dose. Safe
and effective vaccines are a game changing
tool but for the foreseeable future we must
continue wearing masks, washing and
sanitizing our hands, ensuring good ventilation
indoors, physically distancing and avoiding

As a school, we further advise that if any
member of staff or student feels unwell or has
any flu like symptoms, they must stay home.
Together, with parents, we continue to work as
a team to ensure and prioritize the health and
safety of our children. TOGETHER WE CAN!

Ms. Wetsho Oagile
Safety, Health and Environment Officer

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