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First: Sunbirds

Second: Hoopoes

Third: Herons

Fourth: Weavers

Results of the Field Events

Event 1st Place 2nd Place
1 U13 Boys High Jump Mutjaba Simba
2 U13 Girls High Jump Zanele Megan
3 U11 Boys Long Jump Andrew Enele
4 U11 Girls Long Jump Nasima Resego
5 U12 Boys Shot Put Mqondise Gaamangwe
6 U12 Girls Shot Put Gugu Thata
7 U11 Boys Cricket Ball Throw Luyando Mukedzei
8 U11 Girls Cricket Ball Throw Motheo Ayanda
9 U9 Boys High Jump Segosi Ogone
10 U9 Girls High Jump Kefilwe Toro
11 U13 Boys Long Jump Simba Mutjaba
12 U13 Girls Long Jump Rethabile Misha
13 U10 Boys High Jump Jason Kgotso
14 U10 Girls High Jump Masedi Zina
15 U12 Boys Cricket Ball Throw Gaamangwe Dean
16 U12 Girls Cricket Ball Throw Thata Gugu
17 U9 Boys Long Jump Marcus Segosi
18 U9 Girls Long Jump Kefilwe Larona
19 U10 Boys Long Jump Jason Tefo
20 U10 Girls Long Jump Anele Sola
21 U13 Boys Cricket Ball Throw Simba Mutjaba
22 U13 Girls Cricket Ball Throw Rethabile Misha
23 U12 Boys High Jump Resego Dean
24 U12 Girls High Jump Marang Thata                
25 U11 Boys Shot Put Kgosi Arona
26 U11 Girls Shot Put Refentse Nasima
27 U9 Boys Cricket Ball Throw Lefika Tristan
28 U9 Girls Cricket Ball Throw Kefilwe Erykah
29 U12 Boys Long Jump Resego Dean
30 U12 Girls Long Jump Thata Phindile
31 U11 Boys High Jump Enele Mark
32 U11 Girls High Jump Wanatsha Neolani
33 U13 Boys Shot Put Simbarashe Adriaan
34 U13 Girls Short Put Tatiana Yandi
35 U10 Boys Cricket Ball Throw Jason Thulaganyo
36 U10 Girls Cricket Ball Throw Tsitsidzane Sola

Results of the Field Events

Event 1st Place 2nd Place
1 U12 Boys 800m Thobo Letlole
2 U12 Girls 800m Thata Marang
3 U13 Boys 800m Maatla David
4 U13 Girls 800m Zanele  
5 U12 Boys 400m Resego Nataizya
6 U12 Girls 400m Thata Gugu
7 U11 Boys 400m Mukudzei Lebo
8 U11 Girls 400m Nasima Peo
9 U13 Boys 400m Phemo Mutjaba
10 U13 Girls 400m Zanele Monica
11 U8 Girls 60m Immanuel Edirilwe
12 U9 Boys 60m Ratang Maeva
13 U9 Girls 60m Kgosi Tristan
14 U10 Boys 80m Kefilwe Anele
15 U10 GIRLS 80m Jason Kgosi
16 U12 Boys 100m Anele Rethabile
17 U12 Girls 100m Dean Resego
18 U13 Boys 100m Phindile Thata
19 U13 Girls 100m Simbarashe Mutjaba
20 U11 Boys 100m Misha Zanele
21 U11 Girls 100m Enele Bumo
22 U8 Boys 110m Motheo Reneilwe
23 U8 Boys 110m Ali Ethan
24 U8 Girls 110m Ratang Zitah
25 U8 Girls 110m Segosi Marcus
26 U9 Boys 110m Kefilwe Anele
27 U9 Boys 110m Jason  
28 U9 Girls 110m Anele Rethabile
29 U9 Girls 110m Bumo Mark
30 U10 Boys 150m Nasima Motheo
31 U10 Boys 150m Nataitya Resego
32 U10 Girls 150m Larona Thata
33 U10 Girls 150m Abaleng Simbarashe
34 U11 Boys 150m Mishe Zanele
35 U8 Mixed Relay Sunbirds Weavers
36 U9 Mixed Relay Sunbirds  
37 U10 Mixed Relay Sunbirds Hoopoes
38 U11 Mixed Relay Sunbirds Hoopoes
39 U12 Mixed Relay Sunbirds Weavers
40 U13 Mixed Relay Sunbirds Herons
41 Squadron Boys Relay Hoopoes Sunbirds
42 Squadron Girls Relay Hoopoes Sunbirds

Inter-House Field Events: Monday, 27th May

Our athletics event were held over two action-packed days. The athletes performed their best. Resego Mabua is a 2 year consecutive record breaker, in high jump. Last year Resego and Dean Sithole battled to break the U11 high jump record . This year he set the trend, breaking the U12 record staging it at 1.45m from 1.34m which, was set in 1998.

Inter-House Track Events: Tuesday, 28th May

WELL DONE to all our athletes!! Thank you to the supporter for cheering on their peers and the staff for making the event a success!

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