Merits: Friday, 18 October 2019

Reception Blue – Mrs Coetzer

Kanewa Baruti – For concentrating on her work and completing it on time.

Alison Kayembe and Isabella Kgathi – For good number 9 formations.

Tiana Kuswane, Reatile Mapitse, Matshego Monau, Sefela Setswamokwena, Raphael Yin and Tong Zhou – For using a Flow map to put the story of “Ladybird finds a friend” in the correct sequence.

Reception Yellow – Mrs Doutie

Shatho Masima – For learning all her lines for the reception number blocks assembly.

Athaliah Dintwe – For being able to remember the name of the praying mantis in the story “Ladybird finds a friend”.

Ty Noke, Lihle Leoketsa. Legae Tseladikae and Anaya Kgafela – For remembering all the insects in the correct order when doing a Flow map on the story “Ladybird finds a friend”.

Standard 1X – Mrs Mare

Maison Sithole, Lefika Motshegare, Tegan Ditsie, Ioanna Burzlaff and Gabriella Mulwa – For completing a Comprehension exercise carefully and independently.

Lewatle Ramhitshan, Zinwe Giddie and Ame Slave – For being able to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to solve word problems and work out the answers.

Standard 1Y – Mrs Viljoen

Kavya Sundararajan, Kago Kalabe and Ndishe Phetlhu – For showing a good understanding and answering all the questions correctly on their Comprehension worksheet.

Hamza Asi, Yosi Molapisi and Arona Marata – For completing a Topic worksheet on Houses correctly and neatly.

Standard 2X – Mrs Inambao

Umar Shaikh and Joy Changwony – For very well thought-out answers to questions that came up while reading Malala’s Magic Pencil.

Omogolo Chijoro, Refilwe Selelo and Mbako Nyepi – For showing a ‘growth mind-set’ towards their school work and learning to make responsible decisions.

Emmanuella Mulwa – For starting to blossom and becoming more interactive during the school day.

Leilani Lesedi, Ethan Chilume and Tinawo Molapisi – For finding number patterns in doubling and halving.

Standard 2Y – Mrs Arbi

Yaone Habana, Revya Panwar, Zayaan Noor and Luna Mannell – For excellent understanding and showing all their calculations when doing addition of double digits and showing their tens and units.

Motheo Mosweu, Thulisa Mfusi, Melissa Mokgwathi and Hlompho Keaketswa – For good behavior and a positive mindset.

Standard 3X – Mrs Zimbiti

Tristan Kuswane, Ratang Ntini, Anele Aabobe, Nicola Gwaza, Nataizya Nthala, Maeva Morebodi, Aoki Chatsama, Joy Mvududu and Kimberly Molapisi – For beautiful Tree Maps on their school trip.

Wetsho Sebonego – For being the first to bring her Walk-a-thon donation.

Standard 3Y – Miss Seofeleng

Edirilwe Menyatso – For developing a keenness to improve his handwriting, fantastic efforts Edirilwe!!

Joshua Hinze, Mubanga Malama and Kgosi Tshwenyego – For the hard work, focus and great behavior. They have shown great understanding in their Problem Sums.

Lefika Matsetse – For working co-operatively with his team members. He has been a great team player this week.

Standard 4X – Miss Dokakis

Niranjan Pullarote and Amanda Mareya – For realising many fraction pieces can be used to make a whole after ‘playing’ with the fraction bucket pieces.

Chileshe Bwalya – For realising that two equilateral triangles make a rhombus and an equilateral triangle and a rhombus make a trapezium.

Resego Monau – For noticing a change in Tumelo’s behaviour during the work on informational texts and sharing her positive observations with Tumelo.

Tumelo Talley – For excellent reading comment for Tuesday’s homework with multiple Thinking Hats.

Yahya Ebrahim – For working diligently on the activities related to the different groups of vertebrates.

Kala Kootshole – For working conscientiously to catch-up all outstanding work on vertebrates.

Niranjan Pullarote and Hope Makwinja – For brilliant redesigns of covers for their choice of homework reading.

Chileshe Bwalya and Troy Mooki – For never hesitating to pick up litter when asked by Keanna to do so.

Standard 4Y – Mrs Allie

Toro Mannathoko, Renee Seitei, Tefo Mmopi, Amantle Mmelesi, Lentle Kgoadi, Kefilwe Moje, Anna Kayla Angaine, Kgosi Mzwinila and Katlo Kgosidialwa – For working well as group and for assisting their peers with in-class tasks.

Standard 5X- Mr Ntini

Tsitsidzashe Magate, Tafadzwa Chikede, Katlego Marata and Tafadzwa Chikede – For using alternative methods to solve problems on addition and subtraction of decimals.

Luba Christmas, Mqondisi Jackalas and Kgotla Mautle – For making an effort to improve their participation in class activities.

Reejay Seboni and Phemo Leoketsa – For working hard to improve their standard of work.

Standard 5Y – Mrs Sriram

No merits this week.

English – Mrs Chiweshe

Mqondisi Jackalas, Olebogeng Bogatsu, Yandi Gopolong and Nemo Huang – For their efforts in trying to make positive contributions during class discussions and activities.

Keletso Baruti, Reitumetse Tapela, Nasima Steyn, Jeremy Sameke and Lefika Mosweu – These children quietly get on with their work and are making good progress – particularly with their reading comments.

English – Miss Dewa

No merits this week.

Science – Mrs Dhaliwal

Aisha Ahmed, Zanele Bonyongo, Zainab Khonat, Megan Turp, Imrana Akoob, Tinaye Jazire, Zahraa Makda and Osego Balesamang – Working diligently throughout the term and producing excellent results.

Social Studies – Miss Kala

No merits this week.

French – Madame Morebodi

No merits this week.

French – Madame Ngaakagae

No merits this week.

Setswana – Mma Jokonya

Tong Zhou, Raphael Zi XunYin, Alyazia Davis, Arefa Molodi, Walliedia Nshakazhogwe and Yumna Ebrahim – -For working together and being the winning group.

Tegan Ditsie and Uzumaki Chatsama – For their commitment in collecting bottle tops for the Setswana recycling project.

Ronaldo Pena-Gonzalez and Edirilwe Menyatso – -For a beautiful circle map on bongwe le bontsi.

Renee Seitei and Sizwe Mphefo – For a beautiful tree map on matlhalosi(adverbs).

All Standard 6 Setswana students – -A commendation for finding information about tribes and totem of Botswana on Goggle.

Loapi Ramaselwana and Mqondisi Jackalas – -For their beautiful tree map on matlhalosi(adverbs).

Thata Ramakoloi – For presentation Setswana work on time and getting 16 out of 20.

Setswana – Mma Phiri

Emmanuella Mulwa, Teto Ramakoloi and Thulisa Mfosi – -For following instructions and completing work in the given time.

Class Commendation to Std 3 X and Std 3Y – For learning “Three blind mice” in Setswana and for singing it very well.

Niranjan Pullarote – For presenting neat work and working quietly.

Zarah Alex – For always following instructions and presenting neat work.

Lekgotla Molosiwa – For working diligently and presenting neat work.

Erykah Chiweshe – For always paying attention and following instructions.

Music – Miss Phaure

No merits this week.

Physical Education – Mr Leche

Temo Matlho, Kitso Seokamo, Leilani Lesedi, Ethan Chilume, Joy Changwony, Munesu Karidza, Wen Bo Li and Tinawo Molapisi – For being able to swim the full length of the pool multiple times.

Computers – Mrs Alex

No merits this week.

Library – Dr Adekanmbi

Kanwar Dhaliwal Singh – For reading 44 library books this term.

Ayaansh Malasi – For reading 33 library books this term

Akein Mayakaduwa – For reading 26 library books this term.

Maeva Morebodi – For reading 29 library books.

Boisa Moipolai – For reading 22 library books this term.

Fanilo Maluzo – For reading 33 library books this term.

SEN – Mrs Lees and Miss Carrim

No merits this week.

Administration – Miss Angel

Tarun Edakunni and Rylan D’Souza – For helping one of the students find money that they had lost.

Rethabile Ramokoloi, Botho Mmopi and Niranjan Pullarote – For handing in lost money to the office.

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