Merits: Friday, 6 March 2020

Reception Blue – Mrs Coetzer

No merits are handed out to Reception children in the first term.

Reception Yellow – Mrs Doutie

No merits are handed out to Reception children in the first term.

Standard 1X – Mrs Mare

Tong Zhou, Chido Zinyemba, Asia Motsisi and Alyazia Davis – For using a Tree Map to sort the position of numbers before, after and in the middle correctly using a number-line to help them.

Yumna Ebrahim, Zinah Lenchwe, Lelentle Setimela and Leungo Matale – For successfully sorting out pictures and being able to read the words that match them using a Tree Map.

Standard 1Y – Mrs Viljoen

Lihle Leoketsa, Larona Nakedi, Andile Showa and Legae Tseladikae – For using a Circle Map successfully to list words that they can build using taught phonic sounds.

Kamala Ajith, Abaleng Dibeela, Kgotla Motubudi and Ewetse Tshekedi – For scoring full marks in their Spellathon Tests.

Standard 2X – Mrs Inambao

Mmoloki Baoleki, Jayden Manokore, Maison Sithole, Lepelong Batsalelwang, Ioanna Burzlaff and Kanwa Singh – For making excellent progress in their understanding of tens and units, using the uni-fix cubes to build numbers up to 20.

HANDWRITING CUP: Kavya Sundararajan

Standard 2Y – Mrs Arbi

Gotlhe Morapedi, Arefa Rona Gaopotlake, Thebe Mokubung, Briella Boago Puleng, Lebopo Alexis Masisi and Emma Bogadi Bodi – For giving 10 excellent examples of common nouns and partner nouns.

Standard 3X – Mrs Zimbiti

Ndiimi Dabutha, Thengiwe Gwaza and Razzak Khandoker – For using a Flow map to sequence the story ‘The Bee and the Butterfly’ and rewriting it neatly in their sequencing booklets.

Samarah Pule and Teto Ramakoloi – For a positive change in their attitude towards their school work and working independently in their ‘Article a day’ booklet.

Mokgosi – For using a Brace Map to show his understanding of Place Value.

Standard 3Y – Miss Seofeleng

Maatla Matswiri and Atang Mpelega – For trying hard to practise self-control and being independent.

Mbako Nyepi, Lone Kenosi and Dylan Moshuta – For correctly labeling and using a Flow Map to sequence a Life Cycle of a Plant.

Standard 4X – Miss Dokakis

Nicola Gwaza – For an outstanding and engaging PowerPoint presentation on her home country, Malawi.

Shalom Zigwa – For excellent use of the class literature book to complete a Flow Map

Aoki Chatsama and Olerato Tswenyego – For outstanding visualisation for the grubber Store sweet task.

Standard 4Y – Mrs Allie

Maleehah Moorad, Marcus Koketso and Letso Moagi – For sharing their thought process of how to solve a word problem: about a snail climbing and slipping down a drainpipe.

Mubanga Malama, Etsile Mmopiemang and Ali Bobat – For writing a wonderful prediction paragraph; on The Giraffe The Pelly and Me.

Joshua Hinze, Maleehah Moorad, Letlotlo Maoketse and Boleng Lemogang – For their impressive visual sketch of the Ladderless Window Cleaning Company.

Wanatsha Pie and Katleho Thabo – For being lively, dramatic and enjoyable narrators of the book: A Perfectly Ordinary School.

Standard 5X- Mr Ntini

No merits this week.

Standard 5Y – Mrs Sriram

No merits this week.

English – Mrs Chiweshe

No merits this week.

English – Miss Masule

No merits this week.

English – Miss Dewa

No merits this week.

Science – Mrs Dhaliwal

Rorisang Mashinyana, Srinidhi Senthil Maran, Jasmin Lorato
Puleng, Lekgotla Troy Molosiwa, Azeem Moorad, Osego Balesamang, Johan van Staden, Gae Sediadie, Refentse Mzwinila, Varada Narayanan, Pushan Sarker and Katleho Thabo – For working diligently and participating actively in all class activities.

Social Studies – Miss Kala

No merits this week.

French – Madame Morebodi

Nicola Gwaza, Abotle Ngakaagae, Resego Balopi and Larona Kalaben – For their beautiful attempts at presenting themselves using the maximum number of first group verbs.

Lefika Maseko –

For successfully completing the crossword on the bedroom.
As well as a well written presentation of his bedroom.

Kutlo Kesiilwe – For settling in well in French and becoming increasingly confident to contribute to class discussions and attempting tasks independently.

Kgosi Mzwinila, Kexin Zhang, Katlo Kgosidialwa and Toro Mannathoko – For well written presentations on their bedrooms. These pupils took care to use the correct adjectives to describe the colours and size of their house and bedrooms.

Theo Makolo – For explaining the use of masculine a, feminine and plural contracted articles beautifully to the class.

Nobubele Moyo, Azeem Moorad, Jason Kebonang, Sasha Pitso, Noelani Lesedi and Bokani Mphathiwa – For well written postcards about their holidays. These children also gave detailed weather update and their own impressions of Durban.

French – Madame Ngaakagae

No merits this week.

Setswana – Mma Jokonya

No merits this week.

Setswana – Mma Phiri

No merits this week.

Music – Mrs Vickery

No merits this week.

Physical Education – Mr Leche

Ayaansh Malasi – For excelling tremendously in Swimming. He has shown great improvement this year.

Lebopo Masisi – For overcoming her fear of swimming in the deep end. This was the first time she even swam in the deep end. Well done Lebopo!

Physical Education – Miss Maunge

No merits this week.

Physical Education – Mrs Wright

No merits this week.

Computers – Mrs Alex

No merits this week.

Library – Dr Adekanmbi

No merits this week.

SEN – Mrs Lees and Miss Carrim

No merits this week.

Occupational Therapy – Mrs Beck

No merits this week.

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