Reception Blue – Term 3

Reception Yellow – Term 3

Standard 1X – Mrs Mare

Kayla Mtunzie and Mmoloki Baleki ll – For accurate estimates on the width of the classroom during the lesson on Measurement.

Eteng Mmopiemang and Anaya Malinga – For writing good sentences on their Weekend News using a Circle Map.

Ame Slave, Gabriella Mulwa and Kanwar Singh – For very neat letter formation in the Handwriting lesson.

Standard 1Y – Mrs Viljoen

Lefika Lekoko, Jayden Manokore and Lebopo Masisi – For a good effort in write sentences using a Circle Map to brainstorm .

Lepelong Batsalelwang, Hamza Asim and Kago Kalaben – For successfully using Tree Maps to classify Living and Non-Living Things.

Standard 2X – Mrs Inambao

Refilwe Selelo, Sesha Malope, Yaone Lebati, Thobo Sediedia, Joy Changwony, Lone Kenosi and Dylan Mushuta – For wonderful circle maps showing the uses of plants.

Standard 2Y – Miss Arbi

Revya, Mokgosi, Razzak, Motheo and Thengiwe – These children did an amazing job with finding their own nouns. They placed them on a tree map to classify them according to animals, people, places and objects.

Tangeni – he found 100 nouns and listed them on his tree map, all by himself!

Standard 3X – Mrs Zimbiti

Kimberly Molapisi, Immanuel Phefo and Nataizya Nthala – For thinking outside the box and completing their front end edition independently.

Tlhwatlhwa Lemogang – For persevering with his chapter reading book.

Lelentle Matjola – For trying her best to set out her Maths in an eligible fashion.

Tristan Kuswane – For an improved performance in his reading skills.

Standard 3Y – Miss Seofeleng

Letso Moagi – For using textual evidence to justify the similarities and differences of character traits from the literature books, The highway Rat and The Stickman.

Atlang Nkoane – For confidently working in Front End Addition and showing a good understanding of regrouping.

Kgosi Tshwenyego, Maleehah Moorad and Mubanga Malama – For making an effort to incorporate different punctuation and adding a personal touch in their Story Retelling.

Standard 4X – Miss Dokakis

Niranjan Pullarote – For writing detailed homework reading comments with beautiful moral visualisation included.

Reagile Diraditsile – For writing outstanding homework reading comments using multiple thinking tools.

Shingai Zimucha – For working diligently on homework spelling tasks.

Hope Makwinja – For applying the feedback she was given for De Bono Thinking Hats to the following week’s task.

Sizwe Mohefo – For using the correct Math language to explain a place value task.

Lefika Mannathoko – For working with greater effort on tasks.

Tumelo Talley and Botho Mmopi – For being keen to share their thinking for the time-elapsed task.

Standard 4Y – Mrs Allie

Mia Van Staden, Kayla Angaine, Kgosi Mzwinila, Maatla Nwosu, Amantle Mmelesi and Kexin Zhang – For using impressive descriptive words to describe the personality of Manyara for the in- class reader on Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.

Standard 5X – Mr Ntini

Standard 5Y – Mrs Sriram

Standard 6X – Mrs Chiweshe

Oagile Mmono, Abaleng Maedza, Matthew Changwony, Phemo Leoketsa and Keanna Zimbiti – For a good attempt at identifying compound and complex sentences in their literature book ‘Anne of Green Gables’.

Lebo Maedza, Lefika Mosweu, Varada Narayan and Kgotla Mautle – They identified simple and compound sentences in their literature book ‘Holes’

Standard 6Y – Miss Dewa

Peo Sekwale and Fanillo Maluzo – For having read the most library books in their respective classes.

Masa Kwape and Diatleng Inathi – For increased confidence and participation in class this term.

Junior Keitsile – For displaying maturity, a positive attitude and ability to analyse and think concepts through independently.

Aone Mpoeleng – For being a helpful and industrious pupil who does all tasks with a positive attitude and a smile on her face.

Standard 7X – Mrs Dhaliwal

Sedi Mongwaketse, Losika Sosome, Fanilo Maluzo, Zante, Johannes Van Staden, Thabiso Okie – For excellent circle maps on insulators.

Standard 7Y – Miss Kala





Physical Education


Head Teacher – Mrs Warwick

Aisha Ahmed, Zainab Khonat, Simbarashe Magate, Marang Morolong, Megan Turp and Tommy Yan – For their help and input at the Open Day.

Zahraa Makda Tinaye Jazire, Larona Dichabeng, Talinda Matlhare, Imrana Akoob, Tommy Yan and Masa Kwape – For taking tea, coffee drinks and biscuits to staff and parents during inter-house athletics.

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