Merits: Friday, 15th November 2019

Reception Blue – Mrs Coetzer

Neilwe Monagen, Lelentle Setimela, Mouane Matsake and Reatile Mapitse for very good Circle Maps on the letter ‘b’.

Arefa Molodi, Yumna Ebrahim and Kamala Ajith for very neat colouring in and writing in their homework books.

Reception Yellow – Mrs Doutie

Ewetse Tshekedi and Zinah Lenchwe for being able to come up with their own examples after doing a lesson on rhyming words.

Legae Tseladikae and Nkosinathi Mathlare for making a great effort to learn all their level one reading words.

Standard 1X – Mrs Mare

Mmoloki Baoleki ll, Ioanna Burzlaff, Eteng Mmopiemang and Kayla Mutunzi for sequenceing pictures in the correct number order using a Flow Map.

Muhammad Makda, Ame Slave, Kanwar Singh and Aaran Poloko for being able to sequence the alphabet in the correct order.

Ndiye Manyepedza, Lefoko Molosiwa and Tharun Sethumadhavan for using a Brace Map to show how Botswana currency can be broken down to show equivalency.

Standard 1Y – Mrs Viljoen

Emma Bodi, Seelo Masimega, Thabang Sethole, Lebone Tseladikae and Wen Xi Yu For a good understanding of Botswana currency and applying it on their worksheets.

Munashe Mazengera, Lepelong Batsalelwang, Lebopo Masisi and Arefa Gaopotlake for using a 100-chart to complete Maths worksheets correctly.

Lefika Lekoko, Thebe Mokubung and Mmoloki Raymond for using a Flow Map to sequence numbers in the correct order.

Standard 2X – Mrs Inambao

Commendation to all of Std 2X because they did a fantastic job in multiplication using unifix cubes, on their white boards and their written work in their books.

Standard 2Y – Mrs Arbi

Razzak Khandoker, Madhav Mohanakrishnan, Anaya Oreeng and Katso for trying their best to improve their handwriting this term!

Michael Leitch Bakang, Thengiwe Gwaza, Sandile Leoketsa, Mokgosi Moroka and Levi Motshome for constructing absolutely wonderful Tree Maps to show the six types of animals and categorizing them according to mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish and amphibians.

Standard 3X – Mrs Zimbiti

Zitah-Wynn Labane, Olerato Tshwenyego, Tristan Kuswane and Zahra Iqbal for doing an excellent job on their Circle Map on Water and its uses.

Nataizya Nthala, Anele Nadisah and and Ranewa Mashinyana for bringing their tin food for the industrial staff.

Larona Kalaben, Maeva Morebodi, Tadiwa Sameke and Nataizya Nthala for bringing solids for our class experiment on changing state of matter.

Standard 3Y – Miss Seofeleng

Edirilwe Menyatso, Lefika Matsetse, Joshua Hinze and Mahadev Naraayanan for bring more bringing more than one food item for the industrial staff. Thank you for your generosity.

Anaya Ramaselwana, Lentle Nthekeng and Azraa Khoonat for insightful comments during class discussion on the states of matter.

Letlotlo Maoketsa for bringing her home experiment on water and sharing the finding with the rest of the class.

Standard 4X – Miss Dokakis

Niranjan Pullarote and Hope Makwinja for working well together to write a report on the Standard Four Assembly.

Bosa Matlhagela for making more of an effort to think about the sentences he writes before he actually writes the sentences.

Zarah Alex for applying several Thinking Maps to homework reading comments.

Reagile Diraditsile, Jasmin Puleng, Rethabile Ramakoloi and Shingai Zimucha for working independently on tasks to develop problem solving skills.

Botho Mmopi for ensuring the homework diaries are handed out at the end of each day.

Standard 4Y – Mrs Allie

Maatla Nwosu, Ogone Tselaesele, Nandita Sundararajan, Alethea Burzlaff, Mia Van Staden, Megan D’souza and Kayang Baruti for making a significant improvement with word problem pizza fraction tasks.

Alethea Burzlaff, Kgosi Mzwinila, Tefo Mmopi and Toro Mannathoko for contributing generously towards the industrial staff food collection drive.

Standard 5X- Mr Ntini

No merits this week.

Standard 5Y – Mrs Sriram

No merits this week.

English – Mrs Chiweshe

Loapi Ramaswelana, Resego Selelo, Motheo Tshekedi, Varada Narayanan, Monica Crumplin, Leatile Mmolawa, Ayanda Butale-Basiami and Aone Mpoeleng for helping to sort out and packing the Baylor Gifts.

Omogolo Mashinyana, Larona Magole and Tesana Majaha for tidying up my classroom and organising my booklets and covering our new literature books in plastic.

English – Miss Dewa

No merits this week.

Science – Mrs Dhaliwal

No merits this week.

Social Studies – Miss Kala

No merits this week.

French – Madame Morebodi

Setlhoa Bakwena, Lekgotla Molosiwa, Lefika Maseko and Shingai Zimucha for being a quiet achievers who have been an absolute pleasure to teach this term.

Mia Van Staden and Kefilwe Moje for the attention to detail they apply to all tasks. These pupils always uses their artistic flair to complete colourful work.

Azeem Moorad for settling in well in French and becoming increasingly confident to contribute to class discussions and attempting tasks independently.

Leyla Rasul for showing the most improvement in French. Leyla has been working hard this term and has made noticeable progress in many areas of French.

Theo Makolo for explaining the conjugation of ER verbs beautifully to the class.

French – Madame Ngaakagae

No merits this week.

Setswana – Mma Jokonya

No merits this week.

Setswana – Mma Phiri

No merits this week.

Music – Miss Phaure

No merits this week.

Physical Education – Mr Leche

No merits this week.

Computers – Mrs Alex

All Standard 7 students: Well done to all Standard Seven students for their effort, commitment and most of all doing their very best at the Computer e-Learner exam. I am proud of you all.

Bella Bodi, Sedi Mongwaketse, Marang Ramontsho, Boleng Ssemakula, Abale Moja, Bokani Mpathiwa, Noelani Lesedi, Aadil Ebrahim, Azeem Moorad and Nathan Mathlowa for being self-motivated, focused and consistently completing their work to the best of their ability.

Gae Sediade, Zante Du Preez, Tsitsidzashe Magate, Jason Kebonang, Lerako Dabutha, Sola Mannell and Osego Balesamang for exhibiting a positive outlook and attitude in computer lessons.

Library – Dr Adekanmbi

No merits this week.

SEN – Mrs Lees and Miss Carrim

No merits this week.

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