Welcome Note from the Headteacher!

Welcome to Broadhurst Primary School

I am very proud and privileged to be the new Headteacher at Broadhurst Primary School. This is a school with committed and talented staff, who provide fantastic educational opportunities for our children.

Broadhurst Primary School prides itself with its unique approach to academics, as a thinking school with student centered learning. We are registered to deliver International Benchmark Tests (IBT) in partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

Renowned for its progressive and innovative approach to education, Broadhurst Primary School offers its students a dynamic learning environment providing its students with quality education with pace setting expertise. It caters for children from diverse cultures, which is reflected in the school’s social, academic and cultural curriculum.

Broadhurst education is skills-based and the children are taught critical thinking strategies, which involve a variety of cognitive processes right from the start of school, including Reception classes. The emphasis of the school is not on providing children with volumes of facts but rather to equip the children with the skills to identify critical information, record it effectively and apply it appropriately.

Above all, we aim to make Broadhurst the sort of caring environment that you would want all children to experience, including your own. It is only within a friendly, happy and disciplined environment that effective learning can take place.

At Broadhurst Primary School we empower children with life-long tools that will help them invent a future that is more thoughtful, cooperative and compassionate.

If you are unsure of anything or wish to make further enquiries about the School, a visit to our school is recommended as the best way to get a real understanding of our ethos and of course you will be able to observe our happy and enthusiastic pupils as they go about their school day.

Angela Warwick


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