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Standard Five presented an assembly on manners and respect this morning.  

Some of the Standard Three children entertained the school to a piece played on their recorders, followed by two groups of girls playing instruments and singing “Diamonds” and “Perfect”.  Well done to all who played or sang, you are ‘diamonds in the making’ and your performances were perfect!

Music assembly and Victor, victorix, teacher's day 046

Our “Diamonds” are:  Resego Giddie, Nobubele Moyo, Reneilwe Serema, Sethunya Pontsho, Skye Baaitse and Gae Sediadie.

Music assembly and Victor, victorix, teacher's day 048

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, sung and played by: Nasima Steyn, Wanatsha Pie, Phindile Gwizi, Tamara Tau, Nthabaleng Semele and Keletso Baruti.

For National Teacher’s Day, a group of Standard Five girls put together a little presentation on ‘How well do you know your teacher’.  This was an opportunity to learn about the teachers favourite colours, if they preferred the Ocean or the mountains and some other interesting facts about them.  Well done girls on your efforts.

Back:  Aone Mpoeleng, Thata Ramakoloi, Luba Christmas and Refentse Mzwinila.

Front:  Motheo Tshekedi, Resego Selelo, Peo Sekwale, Monica Crumplin and Loapi Ramaselwana.


Welcome back to the learners and parents and a warm welcome to all of our new learners and parents.  We trust you had a good, relaxing holiday.  This term starts off on a busy note, with athletics beginning on Wednesday 16th May, in preparation for the Inter-House competition.  Please ensure that your children have their P.E kit everyday.

Last night we were treated to a wonderful performance by the children at the annual ‘Stars under starlight’, which took place at Maitisong.  Well Done Ms. Phaure and Ms. Sola for all the time and effort put into getting the children to learn all the words to the songs, the Std. 7 children who were the MC’s for the night and last but certainly not least, the children themselves for the lovely performances.  

The Standard Four assembly was about the recent Winter Olympic Games, held in PyeongChang.  The children related information regarding the Winter Games and then did a Korean dance and song.

The Standard 2’s sang ‘The Tens Frame Dance’ Song for everyone in assembly this morning.  Hopefully they now all remember how to use the Ten Frame for addition. 

It was the Teddy Bears’ picnic at school today.  Reception children got to bring their Teddies to school to share a picnic with them.


The Standard 3’s entertained us with their version of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ this morning.  

Thought for the week:


Sunday, 4th February, Broadhurst Primary hosted the annual High Schools Expo.  There were a large number of schools at this year’s Expo, with a couple of ex-Broadhurst pupils presenting information on their High Schools to prospective students.  Well done to all involved for a fantastic set up.

Prefects for 2018:

Library prefects and prefects 008

Back:   Abrah Ghosh, Mano Senthil- Maran, Akshaj Sunil, Rethabile Thabo, Nlisi Mphathiwa.

Front:  Hannah Boakgomo, Amantle Moeti, Kagisano Segage, Larona Mongwaketse, Sesame Moetse.

Library Prefects for 2018:

Library prefects 002

Back:  Adriaan Scharnick, Simbarashe Magate, Megan Turp, Basetsana Thebe, Talinda Matlhare, Gladys Chikede.

Front:  Nataizya Malama, Aisha Ahmed, Gugu Ketshabile, Oagile Mmono.

The Reception parents were welcomed this morning with a tea and the chance to find out more about what their children will be doing and learning about during the year.

Happy New Year!  Welcome back to all of our parents and children and a very warm welcome to our new children and parents.  

The Bursars Office, Uniform shop and Admin block are open from 8:00 – 12:30 until Friday 12 January and on Monday 15 January.  

Information on your child’s class allocation and Class Teacher will be posted outside the classrooms on Monday 15 January.  School reopens on Tuesday 16th January at 7:20.  


Term 3:

We would like to wish all of our parents and children a lovely, well deserved holiday.  For those who are travelling, travel safe.  Thank you for your support throughout the year.


To the staff, have a good holiday and rest.  Safe travels to those who are travelling.


The Bursars office, Uniform shop and Admin Block will close on Friday 1 December at 13:00 for renovations.  Outstanding payments must be settled before 1 December please.  The Admin Block will re-open on Monday 8th January 2018.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Reception Christmas Party:  as usual Santa and his Elf were warmly greeted by very excited Reception children.  They sang a song before sitting patiently (and very quietly) waiting for their Christmas gifts.

Standard 7 Valedictory Assembly:


Leavers’ Lunch:

The Standard 5, 6 and 7 pupils went on various camps last week.  As usual they were kept very busy with a variety of activities and I am sure they came back tired, but happy and full of stories.

Standard 5:  Spirit of Adventure:

Standard 6:  Bushpigs:

Thought for the week:


Thought for the week:


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Shaikh on the birth of your little boy, Asher, born on 30 July 2017. 

Huma's baby 001

Thought for the Week:



This morning, the Standard Two’s presented “The Wizard of Oz” in assembly.  They entertained us with a short version of how Dorothy ended up in Oz and the characters she met along the way to get to the Wizard.

Thought for the Week:


Thought for the Week:


The Reception classes performed their version of the “Hungry Caterpillar” this morning.  Well done Receptions, your presentation was very entertaining.

Thought for the Week:


Happy International Teacher’s Day – 5 October 2017.

This morning the Standard 1’s entertained us to a novel and slightly different version of “Old McDonald had a farm”.  

Thought for the Week:



Our annual Independence Day assembly was held this morning.  There were groups of children doing Traditional Dances, as well as an explanation on the road from Independence to the ’50+1′ celebration.  Pula Botswana, well done to all of our performers from the Grade 2’s to the Std 7’s.

BAYLOR CLINIC:  We have started our annual collection of gifts for the Baylor Clinic.  Letters have been sent home with the children appealing to our wonderful parents to please send in a gift appropriate for the age of your child.  We look forward to once again, making many little children very happy before Christmas.

Thought for the Week:


The Standard 1’s, 2′ and 3’s entertained us to a delightful song about the Roman way of life:

This year the students from Standard 5 to 7 did Science project work.  They all worked very hard and the results were amazing.

Thought for the week:


Welcome back to all of our parents and children (and staff).   We trust you had a lovely, relaxing holiday. Please be reminded that school starts on Tuesday 5th September.  Afternoon activities begin on Monday 18th September.  Swimming, however, only begins on Monday 9th October.

Term 2:

Wishing all of our parents and children (and teaching staff) a lovely, relaxing holiday.  For those who are travelling, travel safely.


Alice in Wonderland:

The production of Alice in Wonderland was performed for parents on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th August.  The hall was filled to capacity and the audience very enthusiastic about the performance of the children.  Well done to Ms. Phaure, Mrs Chiweshe, Miss Sola and all the children in the play.  Thank you to everyone who was involved in making costumes, doing make up and painting the backdrop and decorating the hall.  Thank you to all the teachers and teachers’ assistants who helped in the background with all the unseen tasks.

Thought for the week:


Today, Friday 4th August, was the much anticipated annual Junior Fun Sports Day. This year the children took part in bean bag races, egg and spoon races, balancing a bean bag on a bat, sack races, roll a hoop races, skipping races, wheelbarrow races, as well as a fun dress up race.


Thought for the week:  It is fitting that this week’s ‘thought’ comes from the Standard 7 assembly:

Std 7 assem, sneak peak - play, awards 051


A ‘sneak peak’ into the production “Alice in Wonderland”, which is being presented on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th August.  Tickets are available outside of the school hall between 7-7:30 and 12:00 – 14:00 everyday.  Tickets for adults are P50 and children P20.


Standard 7X presented their class assembly today on Emotions and the effect they have on our bodies.


Thought for the week:


Standard 3Y presented their class assembly today, with a very informative and interesting ‘Competition of the Planets’ – which Planet is the best of all.  We all know that Earth has to be the best, as we live here, but each Planet has it’s own unique attributes, making each one best in it’s own right.


Thought for the week:


Our President’s Day assembly, was the tale of a village Kgosi, who has a beautiful daughter.  All the eligible young men want to marry her, but they are set the challenge of eating something very spicy, without flinching, in order to win her hand.  The most unlikely of all the suitors is the lucky young man.


Thought for the week:


Thought for the week:



 Standard Four assembly, teaching us about the Continents and the Oceans.

Thought for the week:

FB_IMG_1453228021032 (1)

This morning we were treated to a few French songs in celebration of French Music Festival, which is usually held on the 21 June each year.


Thought for the week:


This week the ‘Thought for the week’ will be replaced by a poem read by Standard Four girls to the teachers for Teacher’s Day:

A Teacher’s Poem

Every day you greet your students with a smile upon your face.

Though paperwork the night before seemed like a grueling race.

Money’s not your motivation, it’s the love for what you do.

Your hear that special calling to which you always stay true.

Your students are your dedication, devotion is to them.

To you each child’s unique and special, a beautiful little gem.

Some days are just demanding and frustration takes its course.

Then you see those little faces, their inspiration is your force.

Each day you’re in your classroom reminds you why you’re there.

Making differences in children’s lives with whom your heart you share.

There’s a special pride in teachers, and a love for what you do.

And appreciation’s always shared between those little lives and you!

Thought for the week:

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Parents please note the following:

The Errigal Group has been tasked with carrying out a Whole School Evaluation: Management, Leadership and Learning. The review will take place through June-July with a final report completed by the end of July. The review report will highlight and affirm good practices and make recommendations where appropriate, to aid with the development and improvement of the school.

You may access the questionnaires using these instructions:

Go to the Website and click on the Broadhurst Primary School page link. On this page find the link for the teachers and parents questionnaires.

Thought for the week:


Thought for the week:


For your convenience and to avoid long queues, the Bursar’s office and the Uniform shop, are open Monday 8th May to Friday 15th May from 8am to 12:30pm.

School reopens on Tuesday 16th May at 7:20am.


As we reach the end of a busy Term 1, we would like to wish all of our children and parents a lovely holiday.  If you are travelling, travel safely.  

To end off Book Week on a fun note, the teachers dressed as ‘Thing 1’ and ‘Thing 2’, with the Cat in The Hat leading the pack.


A thought for the holiday:


The Inter-house Quiz was held yesterday, Wednesday 12th April.  Results to be announced.



Last night, Tuesday 11 April, we had our music evening.  This year instead of “Picnic with the pans”, it was a night of “Songs under Starlight”.  Well done to Ms. Phaure and all the children who performed for their parents.



Thought for the week:


The winners of this week’s reading question are Melissa Mokgwathi – rec. B and Motheo Tshekedi – 4X. 

Last Night, Monday 3rd April, our Choir performed at the Choir Festival at Maitisong.  They sang from their hearts out and truly captivated the audience with their heartfelt performance.  Well done to the Ms. Phaure and The Voice.  



This week’s reading question:  Can you put the list of things to find in Alphabetical order?

Literacy book0012

Thought for the week:

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Std 3X entertained the school to their version of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ this morning.